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IT's Production is a media company settled in Norrköping, roughly 2 hours from Stockholm. We have worked with film for 18 years, and gone from the independent scene to professional. Today we are working with stars from all over Sweden, and are starting to branch out internationally.


This is a small collection of our work.

Lika men Olika

SvT Barnkanalen - 2017 - 2018

A series about prejudice and tolerance, for children of age 4 - 8. The series had over 500.000 viewers over it's 10 episodes.


Short film -  2016

A short film about a man who is schizofrenic and kills his wife. And then relive the last moment they where togheter.


Webbseries - 2016

A short webbseries we worked on togheter with the IT company Storleden.


Here are two of our projects, Lika men Olika (to the right) is an animated childrens series. That we did for SvT (Swedish Television). Julia (to the left) is a feature film that we are currently working on.


We work close with the channel TV100, here we both produce and buy  programs to show. If you have an idea or a finished product. Send it to us, and we will evaluate it. If it is cleared, we will send it to TV100.

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