Here you can read about some of our projects that we currently are working on. Everything presented here is in-house project, if you would like to see any other work check out our showreel.



This is a story about a young girl which gets pulled into another dimension and have to fight evil. The feature film uses Dvfx as a narrative device togheter with the dialog and filmlanguage.

For this film we had to create a whole fantasy world with working religion and antropology. We mix live-footage with Dvfx and utilizes sound as a own part of the experience.

  • Family fantasy film
  • In pre production
  • Trailer/Pilot recorded
  • Language - Swedish


A Swedish based horror series based upon H.P Lovecrafts universe. In Cthulhu we follow a brother and sister as they fight for the human races survival. Against one of the most fearful god deamons that ever lived.

This series have had a extent research process, where we have not only listend and read the books. But also seen other series based upon H.P Lovecraft, played boardgames and talked to the Lovecraft community. We can now prodly present that we are moving forward with this production.

  • Horror series
  • Looking for finances and distributors
  • Language - Swedish


We work close with the channel TV100, here we both produce and buy  programs to show. If you have an idea or a finished product. Send it to us, and we will evaluate it. If it is cleared, we will send it to TV100.

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