Realtime Processed film


Thorbjörn Eklund was the creative director and project manager, in the LED-stage project. The project was made together with Visual Sweden, Linköpings Universitet and Visualiserings Centret in Norrköping. The main idea was to try and create a portable LED-stage that could be utilized by smaller companies and film studios. However, as we progressed in our research and creation of a portable LED-stage. We encountered problems regarding the economical aspect. It was possible to create a portable LED-stage, but the cost was more expensive than having it as a stationary scene. Where you could go in and just load your scene and start to work. With this in mind, we finished building the proof of concept as a stationary scene instead.

The project ran during Covid from 2020 until 2021. As it finalized, we had made five Unreal Engine scenes which we filmed and controlled the camera in. Set up motion tracking and the computer systems to manage everything. And as a final touch, we also made a film which explains how an LED-stage works. Or as it actually is doing, rendering processed graphics in real time.

The proof of concept was a success even though we never made a portable LED-stage. The report shows how a 35 sqm led-stage with a capacity of 100 volumes can be created in Sweden and have its base in Norrköping. The budget and cost for managing the studio over a five year period was also included in the final report. Thorbjörn is now looking for funding to create a fully functional studio, and create one of Swedens first feature films using this technology.

Below is a short video showing off the project. The film is our presentation on how an LED-stage works, it also presents the idea of trying to create a portable LED-stage.